Christmas present ideas for your mountain biking loved one

It’s that time of year again when we bring tree’s into our homes, dress them up, eat large amounts of food and exchange gifts with loved ones. Need some help with some ideas? You’re in the right place!

Flow MTB:
Wanting to feel a bit floral and bring back those summer vibes or just in need of some new biking clothes? Treating your loved one to something couldn’t be easier with Flow MTB’s wide range of women’s clothing, so get something that stands out from the crowd and something that makes you smile each time you pull it out of the wardrobe. With a wide range of brands such as Dakine, Dharco, Maloja, ION & Madison – it’s hard to not find something you like.

Dharco Flamingo Jersey                         Maloja Shorts

Wonky Woolies:
In the great words of Game of Thrones, Winter is Coming. What better way to get prepared than to get a kitted item in your stocking. Wonky Woolies offer a wide variety of bobble hats in bespoke designs and are also made in the UK, with them also being in a variety of types of wool its hard to not find one that suits you. There’s nothing better than after a cold and wet ride than pulling on a bobble hat, it both keeps you warm and tames the hair so the impulsive visit to the pub post-ride isn’t one to miss out on.
Wonky Woolies

Stance Socks:
There’s just something about slipping on a pair of rad socks when you’re off out on the bike that brings a smile to many peoples faces, wearer and other riders alike – these groovy little numbers some is all sizes and styles. Catering for both men and women, there is something for everyone.
Flare Clothing for all your Stance socks needs

OneUp EDC Tool:

When a friend pulled one of these out of her stem on a ride, it soon became the talking point and the bike ride was put on hold. be the envy of all your friends and knight in MTB armour with this little beauty, with it snuggled away in your stem its the perfect tool for any bike ride with a chain breaker, tyre lever, CO2 canister as well as other goodies – it’s sure to get you out of a pickle.
EDC Tool


Melon Goggles:
Protect those delicate peepers with a set of goggles from Melon, with the options of changeable frames, straps and lenses. There’s no end to the outfit co-ordination options. With them being boasted as one of the best cheaper goggles on the market and known for not steaming up and giving a wide view, there’s nothing to not love with them. Perfect as a little gift or a stocking filler!
Melon Optics


ODI AG-2 Lock-On Grips (135MM):
These little beauties have recently boomed in the market, with them being considerate with their ultra soft pro compound material they are perfect for longer rides without the worry of coming away with a hand full of blisters and calluses. Treat those hands this Christmas to a colour pair of grips for your favourite person or steed.
ODI Grips


Park Tool Kit:
Fed up with taking your bike to the shop to get fixed? Can do the job yourself? Want to learn or a loved one wants to practise how to repair their own steed? Then why not give them the ultimate gift this year, their very own tool set to repair and tinker with their bike. this little kit holds pretty much all the avid cyclist will need and the tools are well made so you know it will last them.
Park Tool Kit – CRC


MBUK Subscription:
We all need some time to ourselves whether it be reading about a new bike on the market, daydreaming about new components or reading about events happening around the globe. MBUK magazine is always a favourite among riders offering some great reading material along with brilliant write-ups. Being in both digital and printed versions, there is something for everyone and usually offer a freebie too for subscribing which is a brilliant bonus. So if you want to give your loved one a gift that’s all year round then check out this subscription service.
MBUK – Subscribe now!


Wera Multi Coloured Ball End Hexagon Key Set:
Still in trend is everything unicorn and rainbow related, so why not treat your unicorn loving significant other (or yourself) to a set of these fabulous rainbow Hex Keys. Suitable for all maintenance and maybe event some IKEA assembly projects down the line, with the wide range of colours it just makes repairs and odd jobs that more fun. Alright, they’re rainbow Hex Keys and everyone needs a set.
Unicorn Multi Tool Goodness


19895119_10159107979375436_6436942380605884355_nUplift day voucher:
With the wide variety of uplift venues around the UK today, there’s no end to the possibilities of venues and countries you can visit and not all of them are limited to downhill bikes only which is the usual stigma an uplift day holds. From Bike Park Wales to Fort William, there is something everywhere for everyone, and who doesn’t like to be taken to the top of the mountain and have endless runs down at high speed?!
Black Mountains
Fort William
Revolution Bike Park
Antur Stiniog
Bike Park Wales

The views at the top of Antur Stiniog are breathtaking

Trail Maps:
Something that’s appeared on the scene in the last year or so is offering a wide variety of high-quality prints of your favourite trails, ranging from valley of Bike Park Wales to the hills of Whistler. They offer such a wide range of products which can be perfect gifts for the avid biker for Christmas, why not get your loved one something different this Christmas. With them starting at £15.00 it makes them the perfect stocking filler or secret santa gift!
Trail Maps Homepage

Buy your loved one some pedal power this Christmas, a talking point of the trail and essential bike companion – a set of sparkly new pedals. Pedals are quite possibly one of the most personal parts you can buy for your bike so it may be key to gauge what your receiver would like (if they haven’t already dropped hints) whether it be clips, purple flat hope pedals or something with vicious pins to get those shins perfect for sieving your pasta through. The options are endless and most retailers stock a wide variety for you to get truly stuck when it comes to choosing the perfect set.

Put your best foot forwards this Christmas with a set of new pedals.

Turbo Trainer:
For the at home gym bunny, a turbo trainer for those cold months or for the times where the TV is calling however fitness is on the cards. At £359.99 its one of the cheaper ones on the market making this more expensive item easier to gift. Tacx Vortex Smart Turbo trainer make winter training easier and is compatible with Race, Tri & MTB, if necessary with axle skewer, 29ʺ wheel with Tacx trainer tyres making indoor training more accessible. So treat your loved one to the gift that keeps on giving.

tacx-vortex-smart-trainer-na-EV220389-9999-40 (1)

Evans Cycles – Turbo Trainer

Record all your favourite moments and fails on a GoPro, if you don’t have one or your loved one is longing looking at yours each ride then its time to get one! With them being water proof, crash proof and pretty much hardy little things these days – it makes them the perfect companion for any activity to capture your every moment, with them being compatible with most smart phones and PC’s and having the app which makes it easy to pull off and edit footage it pretty much ticks all the boxes. An added bonus is that you can grab 3m sticky pads with the mounts very cheap so you can attach them practically anywhere, ensuring you always have the best angle. Treat yourself to a lifetime of memories you can re watch again and again with a GoPro.
GoPro Homepage

Here’s a picture from my last trip out in morzine, you can see Laura Richer on the right has her GoPro on her helmet. I usually run with mine under my peak and you can see with the clip on the underside of my peak.

Crank Brothers M-19 multi tool:

A handy dandy little tool that’s small enough to pop in your pocket, no bigger than a mini Soreen bar but has all the effectiveness of a tool box at home. Including a wide range of hex keys, 4 screwdrivers and a torx t-25. There is also a chain splitting tool attached which makes it tick all the boxes, apart from having someone jump out and actually fix your bike for you. These usually RRP at £30.00 but CRC have it at £26.49, so you’ll still have some change for a card or a coffee.
Crank Brothers Multi Tool

Happy shopping and have a lovely Christmas!


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